Welcome to Anaya Diamonds

We are the craftsmen of utter and divine perfection, the unmistakable glint in a women’s eye, the Elixr to an undying romance… We are Anaya-the quintessential diamond jewellers, bringing you some of the finest specimens of beauty you’ve ever laid eyes on. A diamond is the insignia of timeless beauty, a declaration of repute, and we ensure that every single one of the gleaming stone is patterned to create pieces of jewellery that speak volumes about the person they adorn.

Be it our exclusive melange of solitaires or the gamut of customised diamond jewellery, our entire range is 100% BIS Hallmarked & IGI Certified with VVS-FG Quality.

Endowed with an assortment of only the most captivating adornments, Anaya brings you a fusion of the classic and contemporary, beautifully fringed with the promise of everlasting beauty.